‘Taste of the Eastside' Boasts Local Bites, Lots of Heart

Get to know the tempting tastes of over 15 Eastside eateries, all while giving back.

Sweetfin/Clark Street Bakery/HomeState

When you saunter by a restaurant, and it catches your notice, you likely feel one of three emotions, some complicated version of one or more of the following feelings:

A? You ate there. B? You want to eat there. C? You ate there and can't wait to eat there again.

But life, as we all know, can be incredibly busy, even hectic, and errands do pile up, and the piles of other stuff in our worlds that can't quite be counted in the "errands" category?

They're big, and growing ever bigger by the day, or so it seems.

So finding a festive weekend-long event, one that puts the spotlight on over a dozen excellent eateries occupying one awesome part of our megalopolis, feels like just the tasty ticket we've been seeking, especially as we unspool the whole ate there/want to eat there tangle in the cuisine-obsessed corners of our brains.

"Taste of the Eastside," the fundraising foodie festival, has long been an in-person affair, but it is going broader with its bite-themed party in 2022.

Rather than centering it all in a single spot, 15 participating restaurants, all Eastsiders, will offer a host of special dishes and intriguing "offerings" from April 22 through 24, meals that will help raise money for both Friends of the LA River and the non-profit Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery School in Silver Lake.

The 2022 beneficiaries will receive 25% of the payment on each order, the kindest part of the cuisine-cool, community-strong, ultra-kind celebration.

The restaurants on the 2022 roster include Sweetfin, Clark Street Bakery, and HomeState, and several neighborhoods are making the scene, too, with Highland Park, Frogtown, and Silver Lake on the fundraiser's map.

True, this isn't the sort of gather-together, get-social celebration we've seen in bygone years, but the spirit of this beloved "Taste" remains robust.

Eager to keep that robust vibe especially robusty, all while helping "Taste of the Eastside" help the local organization and school? And to enjoy a yummy dinner, too, either by dining in, picking up, or going the delivery route?

Start here, Eastside aficionados, and add a couple of restaurants to your list, the one that includes places you still want to try, or have tried and would love a reason to revisit.

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