Tasty New Eats and Deals Pop up Ahead of Thanksgiving

Two limited-time chicken sandwiches debut at Farmer Boys, The Habit hopes to give away a million Charburgers, and Miguel's Jr. has savory savings on a pair of burritos.

Farmer Boys/The Habit/Miguel's Jr.

What to Know

  • Farmer Boys has two new chicken sandwiches (through Jan. 11)
  • The Habit is giving away a million Charburgers if it hits a million app downloads later in December
  • Miguel's Jr. is offering its classic bean and cheese burrito for $1.99 on Nov. 19

Stuffing is the superstar for basically the rest of November, and you can't throw a cranberry without it bouncing off a bag of dinner rolls or can of fried onions.

For we're now slip-sliding on a stream of butter and gravy straight into the Thanksgiving-est week of the year. And while many people are ready to enjoy the cuisine classics that serve as hearty hallmarks of the holiday, the occasion isn't here yet.

Which means we have time to turn our gazes to other types of goodies and grub.

A trio of companies are putting fried chicken sandwiches, burgers, and burritos in the spotlight as we begin to close down November, with one offering a one-day-only deal and the other two looking to December and January with appetizing promise.

At Farmers Boys? Two new chicken sandwiches just debuted on the menu: A Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich and Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich.

"The sandwiches are made with all-natural chicken that is double-dipped in a batter with garlic, onion, and paprika, fried to crispy perfection, and placed on soft Brioche buns. While the Classic sandwich is layered with pickles and mayo, the Spicy version is hit with Fiery Farmer’s Sauce for an added kick!," says the restaurant team.

Buy yours before Jan. 11, 2021, which is the final day for both sammies.

At The Habit Burger Grill? Look for a possible Charburger giveaway to happen around the week before Christmas.

If the company hits a million downloads of its app by Dec. 16, it will give away a million Charburgers during the week of Dec. 21. The delish details? Start here.

And there's another promo, too. "Fans who download and register on the app now, will get a free Charburger with a purchase of a regular beverage INSTANTLY and then will also be able to redeem another Charburger in December so its a win-win!! You get a Charburger now and one for later (if 1 Million downloads are reached!)," is the word from The Habit.

And to say "thanks" to its fans? Miguels Jr. will discount its super-classic Bean & Cheese Burrito, as well as its Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito, to $1.99 on Thursday, Nov. 19.

That's a week before Thanksgiving, meaning the gratitude is arriving in an early and flavorful fashion.

Find your nearest Miguel's Jr. and enjoy the tortilla-wrapped tastiness before our thoughts turn to turkey, stuffing, and gravy, too.

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