Tax Day's Tasty Deals Pay Dining Dividends

The Cheesecake Factory is extending the savings a few days beyond April 18, too.

The Cheesecake Factory

Squaring away everything that needs to be squared away, stacking your documents in the appropriate piles, giving each document a closer read, checking your file box to make sure you didn't miss any documents, and then squaring everything all away again: Prepping all that needs to be prepped ahead of filing your taxes takes some effort, can-do, and plenty of pluck.

This can build the appetite, of course, and putting aside some special snacks for Tax Day is a time-honored tradition, especially if you're a filer who is also a bit of a foodie, or at least a person with some favorite comfort dishes.

Monday, April 18 is that day in 2022, and a few spots around town are going to offer some savings, should you want to stop by on your way home from the post office or place an order after you hit "send."

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse is kicking off a four-day deal on April 18 and it isn't any surprise that "10" and "40," numbers that are very much associate with the day, are involved.

Simply put?

The restaurant chain, which is known for its deep-dish pizzas, hearty burgers, and that hot pie-type cookie ice cream fantasia, the Pizookie, will be "... offering $10 off any $40 purchase on take-out and delivery orders on Monday, April 18th."

The Pizookie, by the by, isn't just the chocolate chip goodie you once knew; rather, that decadent dessert is now available in a whole gooey line-up of luscious flavors.

And if you decide you're most definitely in a dessert route, but want to go the cheesecake route?


The Cheesecake Factory will give you $10 off a $50 order when you use the promo code CAKE10.

You'll want to order through the website or DoorDash, and, oh yeah, this one is available from April 18 through 21.

At Mountain Mike's, pizza lovers will enjoy $10.40 off a 20-inch pie on April 18. You'll need to order through the app, and the deal is good for one pizza only.

And at Firehouse Subs? You can enjoy a complimentary medium sub, when you purchase a medium (or large) sub, chips, and drink, on April 18.

Other places may be going the pop-up Tax Day deal route, so check in with your neighborhood hangout or go-to eatery on April 18.

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