Hermosa Beach

That Ginormous Pizza Slice Is (Briefly) Back at Mickey's Deli

The cheese-melty wonder, which measures 20 inches, is "larger than a regular pizza."

Mickey's Deli

What to Know

  • Through Oct. 31, 2021
  • 101 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
  • $15.99; additional toppings are $1.50 each

The final third of October? Let's cut to the candy-themed crux of the matter: You're going to encounter a number of offbeat treats, the sort of goodies you might not devour regularly, but absolutely will when Halloween is view.

But there's one goodie in town that should not be stuffed in a treat bag or plastic pumpkin, even though it will disappear after the 31st of October.

Still, we'll confidently wager that plenty of people will go for this particular temptation over a normal candy bar or sucker.

It's a slice of pizza we're singing paeans to here, but this crust-cool mega munchable has a sizable stand-out quality: It's "larger than a regular pizza," measuring some 20 inches.

Where to find it, for an oh-so-limited time? At Mickey's Italian Deli & Pizzeria in Hermosa Beach.

It's $15.99, which is in the general price range of most traditional round pizzas of regular size, but an XL pizza slice is a quirky conversation starter, and a foodstuff you'll want to photograph first, before taking that first bite.

Want to add a topping? You can, for an additional buck fifty. Craving multiple toppings? That's a-ok, just note that they'll all be $1.50 each.

The Mickey's pizza pros revealed that this is an actual pizza, shaped into a slice, and not cut from a super-super-super-sized pie. Because here's the truth: Such a mega-gigantic pizza wouldn't even fit in the oven, no matter how hard you pushed or shoved.

Is an XL slice of pizza your ultimate late-October go-to goodie? Would you skip the sweets for something saucy and spicy and filling?

Make for this Hermosa Beach gem before October ends.

And if you're looking for a celebratory reason to "cheers" with your 20-inch slice of pizza, send the restaurant your good wishes: It opened in 1953, meaning that it will mark its savory 70th birthday in just a couple of years.