Valentine's Day

That Mastro's Chocolate Butter Cake Is Coming Back

The limited-time dessert proved to be so popular with diners that it will return in time for Valentine's Day 2020.


What to Know

  • February 2020 only
  • It's a sweet spin on the Signature Warm Butter Cake
  • Molten chocolate fills the dessert's middle

"Butter" as a flavor, an add-in, a texture, and a way of life has a way of giving certain people all the feels.

We're well-buttered, is the thing. Our body lotions boast "butter" in their names, and we "butter up" pals when we've got an ulterior motive.

But the best of all butters arrives in cake form, whether the butter in question in one of many ingredients or a central tenet of the treat.

The creamy dairy staple is what makes Mastro's famous Signature Warm Butter Cake such a dessert superstar, a moist delectable that's become synonymous with swankier sweets.

But when the fine dining restaurant introduced Chocolate Butter Cake in 2019, just in time for Valentine's Day, those fans who had once swore their fealty to Butter Cake and Butter Cake alone had those loyalties tested.

Of course, loyalties can be expansive, and you can love both the Butter Cake and its chocolate-center'd sibling. And if you're especially besotted with the latter, get excited, for it is returning to Mastro's for the entire month of February.

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Which means that, yes, you and your #1 pumpkin can share a piece on Valentine's Day. If you're both in a sharing mood, that is.

As for where the chocolate is located?

It's perfect for the day of hearts, for the molten chocolate center can be found at the heart of the butter cake, as well as in the buttery batter.

It isn't often that a pop-up confection makes a comeback, but so many Mastro's mavens obsessed over this one that a return engagement felt right.

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