That Super-Stuffed Thanksgiving Croissant Is Back

The hearty Milk Bar meal is available through (almost) the end of November.

What to Know

  • Milk Bar
  • Through Nov. 29, 2019
  • $8

There's a chant that loops through plenty of our internal dialogues as November deepens, and it goes a little something like this: 

We want Thanksgiving foods! When do we want them? Now! How do we want them? Encased in a delicious bready shell. What do we want to pay for them? Not a lot!

You only need look at the Thanksgiving pot pies and Thanksgiving burgers and Turducken hot dogs to know that many of us just aren't willing to wait for the fourth Thursday in November to get our seasonal feasting on.

Need further festive proof? Milk Bar's Thanksgiving Croissant has returned, all to give those who favor a buttery, flaky baked good enclosing the classics of the holiday table something of an offbeat treat.

Those classics, as imagined by the Melrose-based sweet shop, including "slow-roasted turkey, a rich homemade gravy, (and) stuffing-spiced butter along with a hint of tangy cranberry sauce."

The croissant that handily wraps up all of those eat-y elements? It's a rye-seed beauty, with the extreme flakiness that we all unabashedly seek.

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Is your internal dialogue chanting for Thanksgiving flavors, as in now, as in days ahead of the holiday, because you love them all that much?

Burgers and pot pies and hot dogs and croissants, oh my. These goodies are popping up around town, here and there, giving early Thanksgivingers the holiday dine-out experiences they seek, only in not-so-pricey, hand-held versions.

Are you mad for croissants AND T Day? Lucky you: Milk Bar is making this once-a-year favorite through Nov. 29, and the price is a cool, er, warm eight bucks.

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