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The 2020 OC Fair Is Officially Over, but Not Really

It's no brain teaser: When you're virtual, you can expand past end dates, which is what the online event is doing.

OC Fair

What to Know

  • Virtual OC Fair concluded on Aug. 16 (with the conclusion of the at-home 5K run/walk)
  • All 2020 content, including puzzles, videos, and more, will remain on the site through summer
  • The 2021 OC Fair is scheduled for July 16-Aug. 15

How can something be done but not yet finished?

It sounds like a thorny riddle you might have found in a brain teaser book as a kid, or a difficult college entry test, the kind that calls upon all of your most complex cognitive powers.

But sometimes things are a lot more simple than they seem at first glance.

Take the 2020 OC Fair, which went fully virtual this year as a response to the pandemic.

The fair's wide variety of online content, which included behind-the-scenes videos, puzzles, kid activities, and other fair-fun finds, was lively, and there was an at-home 5K run/walk you could complete on your own schedule.

The run/walk period officially wrapped on Aug. 16, and so has the fair, at least on the books.

But the kind people behind the Costa Mesa spectacular are keeping all of that stay-busy content right in place, on the OC Fair site, if you didn't have a chance to check everything out during the virtual fair's month-long run.

That content, which includes pictures of all of the winning 2020 contest entries, too, in categories that cover photography, culinary, and representations of our lives during the pandemic?

It's staying live throughout the summer.

You can also continue to find a directory of OC Fair vendors, should you want to support them during this time.

Spot the Differences, Word Searches, and other fair-themed pursuits are still up and totally free, too.

Check it all out, while summer is still very much with us, now.

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