The All-Corgi Art Show: It's Happening

If you can't get enough of these little canine cream buns, there's a new art exhibit made for you, in Alhambra.

When you hear the news that hundreds of corgis regularly gather at Huntington Dog Beach to joyfully waddle, strut about in wacky costumes, and wolf down treats, you likely don't think to yourself "my goodness, that sure is a lot of corgis."

You probably think "...but, honestly now, could there be even more corgis? Maybe?"

Because the only answer accepted on any exam or test is, yes, there can always be more corgis, regardless of the setting or situation.

This has been more than proven by the squatty sweethearts' powerful hold over the hearts and collective online time-spending habits of almost nearly every human being who has ever encountered a corgi.

Viral videos? We may find out one day that corgis have held the patent all along.

Which is why the existence of full art exhibit devoted solely to the charms of the short-leg'd, cute-rear-end'd pups will take no one by surprise while only delivering no-strings-attached delight.

It's The Corgi Show, and it gives an opening arf at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra on Saturday, June 24. And romp it shall, with feistiness and cuddly charms, right through to Sunday, July 9.

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Up on the walls, for the corgi-loving humans to admire? Look for a caboodle of paintings and pieces depicting corgis in mid-frolic, in mid-cuddle, and in mid-other-adorable-corgi-pursuits.

If you feel like you might want to own a print of one of the artworks, perhaps to hang over your corgi's bed, or your own, there shall be "Nucleus exclusive print releases" at the opening night reception (which is free to attend).

And speaking of attending the opening night gala on June 24? Your corgi is invited. Because of course she would be. It would be rude if no invitation was proferred, surely.

With corgi-themed beach days here in Southern California, and corgi gallery exhibits, it can't be long before we see a corgi hotel, or corgi café, or the all-corgi theme park, which would involve not-too-scary rides located very close to the ground, making it a snap for these diminutive darlings to board.

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