The All Film Ever Weird Movie Festival Nonsense Jamboree

The Cinefamily's annual Everything Is Festival is ready to take over movie goers' lives.

Film festivals, even outlandish independant ones, tend to have very defined edges. A movie gathering will be about short films or movies made by first-time directors or movies made in California and nothing outside of the stated scope.

Edges. Boundaries. Clear-cut dimensions.

Then there's Cinefamily's Everything Is Festival. What's that soup you sometimes make where you just keep throwing cans and cartons of whatever is in the pantry and fridge into the saucepan? And some of the cans are filled with the yummiest beans and some of the cartons contain mystery meat?

That. That's the overly simple analogy we're using for this mayhem-y, merry-minded movie extravaganza, which will play out in bold, unsettling, and highly thrilling fashion at the Silent Movie Theatre from Monday, Aug. 12 through Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Will random found footage screen? We wouldn't have typed that if not. Will snippets of cute animals be part of the fest? Meow. Will actors and writers and deep thinkers and discussers of topics show to discuss topics? Sage-y smart guy Patton Oswalt, "King of the Hill" guy Mike Judge, comedy guy Chris Elliott, "Community"-y guy Dan Harmon, and witty gal Maria Bamford will be there sometimes, during some hours, of the festival, talking and occasionally falling silent while other people talk.

DJs, animation, an ongoing, multi-day party on the theater's eensy back patio, and other random goodies shall dot the anything-goes schedule.

So, what is this film festival really? Seriously, it's all the stuff in your pantry and fridge set out on your counter and sampled. You're going to love a lot of it and some of might be kind of "eh." Then there's the can of condensed milk that's so creamy you'll drink it in one messy gulp.

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We love a town so immersed in film that it can easily contain starry cinema spectaculars that are the equivalent of mystery soups. That, dear movie mavens, is the high-jinks-y side of Hollywood, a place that some naysayers claim has become overly concerned about box office and underly concerned about loosey-goosey art.

Naysayers? You're wanted on Fairfax Avenue from Aug.12 through 21. Wear your happy pants.

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