The All-Jerry Maguire Video Store Opens

It's real. You can go there. Well, for two weeks, you can.

There are those fabled and hard-to-find stores that only sell or rent one highly specific thing, and, nope, they're not fictional or the dream of some retail maverick.

Evening gloves, casserole dishes, accordions... All of these items boast various iterations and could easily fill a store with several different makes, sizes, and brands.

But what of the one-item shop, where there is only a single thing on display, over and over and over and over? There was the famous One Book Bookstore in Arizona a few decades back, which was devoted solely to Bisbee local Walter Swan's memoirs, but such fabled places rarely exist.

Until now.

Look no further than the new pop-up video store at the iam8bit gallery, a store that only stocks... "Jerry Maguire" VHS tapes.

That's it. Don't inquire about other films from director Cameron Crowe, or stars Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, or Cuba Gooding, Jr., for the only film on the shelves is the 1996 tale of a sports agent facing, and creating, major changes in his life.

The vision to back a pop-up with "(o)ver 14,000" "Jerry Maguire" VHS tapes hails from video-obsessed iconoclasts Everything Is Terrible!, the group behind a host of pop culture-tweaking live shows and a caboodle of online videos, some of them involving cats.

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One, of course, doesn't just saunter across a box of 14,000 VHS tapes, and the chances that all of those tapes might hold the same film is even unlikelier. Thus the call went out, to people around the world, to send in their own "Jerry Maguire" VHS tapes, should they have one on the shelf. 

How to experience more "Jerry Maguire"-ness than ever, though? The Sunset Boulevard store is open from Friday, Jan. 13 through Sunday, Jan. 29 from noon to 10 in the evening. A number of live performances are on the schedule, from artists and acts like Daedelus and Moaning and Permanent Records.

A Jerry Maguire Video Store Exclusive Membership Card is your festival pass to all of the upcoming shows.

Though the story won't end with the pop-up: A plan to build "an enormous, permanent pyramid," in the desert, of all the "Jerry Maguire" VHS tapes, is in the works.

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