The Aquarium of the Pacific's Outdoor Areas Will Reopen

Guests can visit the Long Beach institution's alfresco exhibits starting on Jan. 30; capacity will be limited and advance reservations are required.

Aquarium of the Pacific

What to Know

  • Long Beach
  • The moon jellies display, the Lorikeet Forest, and other under-the-sky habitats will reopen on Saturday, Jan. 30
  • Advance reservations only; face coverings are required

The ocean, perhaps of all the places on our planet, exudes the ethereal aura of timelessness.

But time, in our own human realm, has been passing. And with time comes changes, the flow and ebb of things happening as the moments of life unfold.

And a new time is coming to a spot that celebrates all things oceanic, starting on Saturday, Jan. 30.

For the outdoor areas of the Aquarium of the Pacific will reopen, following the lifting of the California stay-at-home order on Monday, Jan. 25.

This will not be a full return to a time before last spring; safety guidelines are in place, and the destination's indoor spaces still remain temporarily closed.

Further, visitor capacity will be limited, and every guest should wear a face covering.

But if you're seeking to connect with the serenity of the Big Blue, and the timeless character that critters like moon jellies so peacefully convey, you can do so, as long as you secure a ticket in advance.

A ticket to the alfresco part of the Long Beach ocean institution is $19.

Can you enter the Lorikeet Forest and feed the colorful birds?

You can. Just keep social distancing in mind. (And, oh yes: The birds' feed is separate from your admission price.)

Shark Lagoon, the Molina Animal Care Center, the Seals and Sea Lion Habitat, and the June Keyes Penguin Habitat will all be open for viewing.

But here's something worth flapping your fins over, if you and your kids have enjoyed the aquarium's virtual offerings over the last several months: The Online Academy is still a free feature on the aquarium's schedule, so be sure to access all of its fascinating and educational programming from home.

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