The Biltmore Is Conjuring a ‘Modern Parlor Magic' Show

The storied DTLA hotel will welcome magician David Carlo for an enchanting engagement filled with "how did he do that?" moments.

David Carlo

What to Know

  • "Modern Parlor Magic" with David Carlo
  • Debuts Friday, Sept. 16 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles in DTLA
  • $79

If there was ever a time that seems especially suitable for ensorcelled events, parlor-based illusions, and the mysterious ways of magic, it is the month of September.

True, the ninth month, at least around Southern California, can begin with some true heat, which doesn't necessarily push a person in the direction of getting a bit dressy, all to tuck into an intimate space made for stranger and shadowier pleasures.

But the middle of September 2022 will be summoning truer fall feels, which makes it the ideal time for the new "Modern Parlor Magic" show to debut at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles.

Standing at the beautifully tableclothed table o' magic, with cards in hand and a head full of watch-closely wonders and nothing-up-his-sleeve sorcery? Meet magician David Carlo, a prestidigitator practicing the old-school, pick-a-card-any-card arts.

While magic is a central focus, there are theatrical elements at work, and mentalism, too, a centuries-old art form that often prompts at least a few jaws to drop in the audience. And audiences have long been agog when encountering Mr. Carlo's magic: The show enjoyed a sold-out six-week run at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

Oh yes: Audience interaction will be woven through a number of imaginative interludes, so come prepared to possibly weigh in on what's happening, if selected to do so.

Adding to the allure of the evenings, which begin to shimmer on Friday, Sept. 16? The producers have worked in major magic before, with Criss Angel's "MINDFREAK" on their resumés.

The unusual location is also something a bit different for the magic maven: Intimate shows like this one more traditionally materialize in private clubs or casinos, making the historical hotel setting something special. And the Biltmore is indeed a special spot: It's appeared in several TV series and cinematic specials, thanks to its ornate details and elegant aura.

Tickets begin at $79 and may be booked through the "Modern Parlor Magic" site.

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