The Brewery Artwalk, a Free Celebration, Spotlights Hundreds of Creators

The twice-a-year-tacular is all about roaming through the galleries, workspaces, and even homes of the sizable artist colony.

Steve Payne

What to Know

  • April 29 and 30, 2023, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Free
  • 2100 N. Main Street near downtown

Stumbling by an intriguing event or surprise opening at a gallery can be a grab-the-moment gift, the sort of uplifting opportunity that could connect you with a fresh perspective, some new friends, or simply a way to step out of the day-to-day for a few magical minutes.

But what if you could visit gallery after gallery after gallery, and then a few studios, then a warehouse doubling as a workspace, and then an artist's private kitchen/painting nook?

That magical feeling almost certainly multiplies.

The Brewery Arts Complex has been in the happy business of making such magic for several years now. Openings, showings, and private viewings are common happenings at the former Pabst Brewing Company, but over two special weekends a year, something rather special happens.

It's a free and lively look-around, a weekend-long event that finds hundreds of artists opening their studios and spaces to the public.

It's the Brewery Artwalk, one of the largest art strolls on the West Coast, and it will festively flower over the final weekend of April 2023.

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As always, no reservation or ticket is required; simply make for the sizable colony, which is found adjacent to the 5 near Lincoln Heights, on either Saturday, April 29 and/or Sunday, April 30.

Opportunities to connect with artists abound throughout the warren-like, whimsy-laden location, and finding a fabulous piece to possibly purchase?

That definitely happens, but so does the chance to admire thousands of paintings, photographs, sculptures, textiles, and multimedia works.

There's an eatery near the heart of the complex, too, if you want to stay for lunch. There's so much to see, you probably will.

Ada Pullini Brown's mysterious sky paintings, the charismatic ceramics of Lisa Simone, and Rob Silverman's story-filled photographs are some of the pieces you may encounter while roaming the galleries and workspaces at your own pace.

Eager to zhuzh up your springtime, in terms of fresh ideas, inspirations, and general joy?

A free artwalk is so often the key to instantly leveling up in life, and this event has long been a delightful draw for locals in need of something uplifting, bewitching, and memorable.

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