The Daffiest Days of the Year Are Here, Flower Fans

True, cherry blossoms are popping, and tulips, poppies, and wisteria will reign in March, but lovers of sunshine-hued blooms can now find them around town.

Daffodil Day
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What to Know

  • The flowers are popping at SoCal's cultivated gardens (advance reservations are required, as are face coverings)
  • Descanso Gardens reports several sunshiny daffodils, in addition to the blossoming of its cherry trees (it's not quite time for tulips yet)
  • South Coast Botanic Garden suggests visiting a spot behind its Lavender Garden to see a profusion of daffodils

More time spent under the sun, out in the breeze, has a way of heightening a person's awareness of nature's calendar.

Well, let's amend that slightly: nature's loosely observed calendar, because the outdoor world can't be expected to follow the down-to-the-minute scheduling that humans frequently attempt to observe.

Which means this: As the local world "awakens" from its brief winter slumber, Southern Californians enjoying the outdoors more may be noting certain spectacular patterns.

And one of the February-est of our region's flower-centered rhythms? The popping of daffodils, both in wilder settings and at our area's elegant cultivated gardens.

Two such gardens are reporting a strong showing of the yellow-headed beauties in the last week, and both places are open to nature-seeking visitors who have advance reservations.

At Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge, daffodil lovers may dally in the vicinity of their favorite flowers, which can be seen, here and there, at the 150-acre property.

Additionally, the fruit trees in the destination's beloved Japanese Garden are beginning to grow frilly and fabulous, so make time to see those as well.

And if you're at South Coast Botanic Garden on the Palos Verdes Peninsula?

Look in the vicinity of the Grass Garden, where the bulb-bright plant began holding colorful court just ahead of Valentine's Day.

Just remember your face coverings, wherever you'd like to seek this sweet pre-spring sign, and observe all safety guidelines.

Oh yes, and again: Booking your spot at either garden ahead of your visit is a must.

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