The Donut Man Turns 50 With Free Goodies, Fun

The local gem will give out 500 free doughnuts, in both Glendora and at the DTLA shop, to celebrate.

The Donut Man/Thibault Renard

Placing 500 succulent, sweet, extremely luscious sprinkle doughnuts, end-to-end, to see how far they might reach?

Such a lengthy line-up of gooey goodies might reach all the way back to 1972, when Jim and Miyoko Nakano's doughnut destination, a shop that began as Foster's Donuts but later transformed into The Donut Man, deliciously debuted alongside Route 66 in Glendora.

But worry not: No such offbeat experiment or attempts at tasty time travel will take place on Monday, May 23.

Rather, the beloved shop, and its newer DTLA counterpart, will both jump into a joyful 50th-anniversary celebration with a sprinkle-tastic giveaway.

Starting at 8 a.m. on May 23, some 500 Anniversary doughnuts will be given to grateful fans, all to fête the flavorful occasion.

And if you happen to miss the early-on-a-Monday giveaway, fret not: Spend $5 or more later in the day and you'll receive a complimentary Anniversary doughnut, one laden in yummy sprinkles.

Merchandise giveaways are part of the party, which will also include a 9 a.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony in Glendora (giveaways are happening at the Grand Central Market location in DTLA, too).

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Perhaps you'll want to stop by to purchase a strawberry doughnut, The Donut Man's best-known bite, a seasonal offering that's still on the shelves as we reach late May?

These slightly sticky, extremely delectable doughnuts are extremely popular, as are the pretty peach goodies that traditionally show up later in the summertime.

The Donut Man has truly become a celebrated staple in a region that's synonymous with terrific doughnuts.

The Nakano family's tempting confections have become known far beyond the shop's San Gabriel Valley location, with doughnut devotees regularly making the trek across town, or from points further, for a strawberry, peach, or pumpkin doughnut, a fall favorite.

Happy 50th to The Donut Man! We're raising a raised doughnut to the next half-century, and all of those incredible fruit-filled, creamy, and frosting-topped treats that are still to come.

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