The Donut Man's DTLA Grand Opening Is Nearly Here

The Glendora shop, known for its strawberry doughnuts and other treats, is about to make its Grand Central Market debut.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • June 26 grand opening
  • 8 a.m. ribbon cutting; first 100 people receive a free sprinkle doughnut
  • Open 7 days a week

The things that a perfectly made strawberry doughnut can and can't do?

That's a tempting conversation prompt, no doubt.

The glistening, fruit-plump sweet can't transport us through time... or can it? Memories of eating strawberry doughnuts, at a favorite stand with a family member, flood back, filling us with cheer.

It can't summon the spirit of summer, or can it? Devouring all of that fruit, all at once, with some dough to frame it all, feels like the ultimate seasonal sweet.

So let's let our theses stand: The Donut Man's world-famous strawberry doughnut boasts a number of powers for a number of people, and those powers are about to multiply when the Glendora pastry place opens its new location at Grand Central Market.

The DTLA spot has been in the works for some time, with a previously hoped-for opening date scheduled in February 2020.

And while the coronavirus response has delayed a number of restaurant debuts, the beloved shop is opening to make sure its downtown devotees are finding their favorite treats (which include other goodies beyond those superstar strawberry doughnuts).

Opening day is slated for June 26, a Friday. And isn't Friday sort of what a strawberry doughnut would be, if a strawberry doughnut had to take the form of an actual weekday?

Here's something sweet, too: If you're among the first 100 people to visit on June 26, you'll get to enjoy a gratis sprinkle doughnut.

And, yes, the shop'll have strawberry doughnuts, too. The season continues, and for that we are glad.

As for The Donut Man's divine peach doughnuts, which also come under the "beloved" and "world-famous" and "need one now" headers?

The seasonal favorites, which appear during a shorter annual window as compared to their strawberry siblings, haven't popped up on the 2020 calendar just yet, but keep an eye out over the next month or so.

By the by, we said "world-famous" before, and we'll say it again: The Donut Man's strawberry doughnut is known in distant destinations situated many miles from California.

It's popped up in pop culture, television shows, magazine articles, and other word-spreading publications. Now the luscious legend grows, with a new location, and more strawberry doughnuts to love.

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