The Donut Man's Famous Strawberry Goodies Are Back

The gooey-good favorites are a limited-time treat; fans can find them in Glendora and at Grand Central Market.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • The limited-time treats are the best-known goodies at the beloved doughnut shop
  • Find the Strawberry Doughnut at The Donut Man's two locations in Glendora and DTLA
  • $6.25 each at The Donut Man at Grand Central Market in DTLA

Februrary isn't known as a prime time for sundresses, warm breezes, and golden afternoons, all told.

We're usually breaking out the umbrellas right about now, and the rubber boots, and slickers, if indeed owning a slicker is a sartorial precaution people take in mostly-sunny Southern California.

But the middle of the second month is delivering some toasty surprises in 2022, leading us to be more aware of the local Signs of Spring we do adore (yep, a big one just arrived in Palm Desert, if you keep track of celebrated critters that have a knack for predicting the change of seasons).

And only days after Mojave Maxine, California's own Punxsutawney Phil, emerged from her burrow, an event that lets Southern Californians know that winter is on its way to wrapping up?

And just as the gorgeous fruit trees dotting our public gardens are beginning to move into full bloom, adding to our spring-forward feelings?

The Donut Man, the fabled pastry shop set to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, just made the announcement that its fans start anticipating months in advance: Those superstar Strawberry Doughnuts are back in the cases, both in the original Glendora location and at the newer Grand Central Market stand.

These are the packed-to-bursting beauties that arrive around the middle of February each year, and stay while strawberries are in season. This means they depart, after a delicious multi-month run, each autumn, leaving us all sadly Strawberry-Doughnut-less at the end of the year, and the beginning, too.

Now those sadder, strawberry-free days have concluded, for SoCal sweet-making institution posted that the cheerful, berry-packed favorites are back as of Feb. 10, 2022.

What a way to start Valentine's Weekend, and if you want a few for your Super Bowl get-together? That can likely happen, too, if you swing by your local Donut Man early in the day on Feb. 13.

The Strawberry Doughnut is $6.25 at the DTLA location.

Watch for more Signs of Spring around Southern California in the coming weeks, even as the heatwave dissipates. For, as always, the return of The Donut Man's much-loved Strawberry Doughnut's return is, as always, right on delicious time.

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