The Donut Man’s Going DTLA for Its Second Location

Donut worry, peach doughnut people; the original Glendora spot is staying put.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • Beloved doughnut spot headed for Grand Central Market
  • February 2020 is predicted opening month
  • Seasonal strawberry doughnuts and peach doughnuts are two popular choices

Beautiful Glendora is known as the proud home to many treasures, from quirky Rubel Castle to a number of gorgeous wilderness hikes to the flower-filled Glendora Bougainvillea, one of the largest vines around.

It's also the famous go-to for gooey, flaky, fruit-bursting bites of breakfast-y bliss.

For The Donut Man has called Glendora home since the early 1970s, making the city a must-visit sweet spot for thousands of Southern Californians over the decades.

Which is all to stay this: Like Rubel Castle, great hiking trails, and the bougainvillea, The Donut Man is staying happily put, right in its iconic happy hut right on Route 66.

But? Doughnuts, as a rule, travel well, and The Donut Man is hitting the road to open a second location.

The place? Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles.

The predicted window for opening? Oh hello, it's the doughnut-iest month on the calendar: February.

That's February 2020, which is soon-ish, and we call February the "doughnut-iest month on the calendar" because it rains quite a bit, 'round these parts, come that time of year. So, yeah, we want doughnuts to stave off the damp days.

Plus? The Donut Man's famous strawberry doughnuts typically return to the shelves around February each year, making the DTLA opening extra auspicious.

Auspicious AND delicious, as if that needed to be said. (We said it anyhow.)

The also-as-famous peach doughnuts? They'll be back in the summertime, so let thy horses be held. We know, peach people: They're just as tasty as the strawberry.

The Donut Man shared the good news about the second location as November 2019 started. And November, now that we think about it, is pretty darn doughnutty, too, as months go, what with these earlier nights.

Earlier nights=pastries to munch by lamplight, which is an equation everyone knows.

Congrats, The Donut Man. We'll see you in Glendora AND at Grand Central Market in February. Maybe on the very same day, if we're in a doughnut-centric frame of mind, which is likely.

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