The Flower Fields Open in Carlsbad, Blossom Buffs

Peak bloom is still a few weeks away, but the outdoor attraction has several fresh-air'd activities, starting now.

Marcie Gonzalez

What to Know

  • The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch
  • Open from March 1 through Mother's Day (May 8 in 2022)
  • $22 adults, $20 seniors 60+ and military, $10 children ages 3 to 10; numerous activities are on the schedule

The power of a flower can be felt by observing a single stunning stem, a couple of magnificent blooms, or the prettiness of petals floating in a clear bowl.

But flowery powerfulness can grow much greater, and soul-deeper, when a person is standing in the center of a field filled with millions of blooms, the sort of saucer-like specimens that boast saturated colors that seem almost fictional (and yet are entirely real).

That's the power that people often feel when they call upon The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch, the outdoor, blossom-laden attraction that is open, very precisely, from the first day of March through to Mother's Day in May, each and every year.

The sheer wow-a-tude of seeing rows and rows and rows and ROWS and more rows of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus, those richly hued, dense-of-petal superstars, is something profound for many visitors to the spacious spread, which also features a number of family-sweet activities, special entertainment events, and the Sweet Pea Maze.

But something to keep in mind, before you purchase your advance ticket: Peak bloom, where the majority of the large and dramatic flowers are all open in unison, is typically a sight seen a few weeks into the run.

So keeping an eye on the social media feeds of the Flower Fields, to see just what is happening? It's wise, is what we're saying.

Still, visiting early, in March, often means more space and time to yourself, where you can enjoy pleasurable pastimes like the Sweet Pea Maze (we're mentioning it twice, because how adorable) and blueberry picking, as well as tractor rides and pop-up musical events.

"The Flower Fields are truly a national jewel," says Fred Clarke, general manager of The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch.

"The season is one of the most spectacular and coordinated displays of natural color and beauty anywhere in the world. We are the springtime playground of family outings, first dates, and even weddings."

"We are honored to not only be a part of the area's local heritage but to also have our annual burst of color be a part of so many individual family traditions…and photos!"

For the full schedule of upcoming events, and ways to track how this cultivated wonderland of color and beauty is looking, week-by-week, call upon the Carlsbad gem's site now.

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