Star Wars

The Force Will Awaken at Industrial Light & Magic's Former Home

Watch "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" outside the famous Van Nuys facility on, you guessed it, Star Wars Day.

Tetiana Lazunova

The major numbers of the "Star Wars" universe? You probably know a few, for sure.

You know how many suns shine on Tatooine (two), how many parsecs Han Solo made the Kessel Run in (under 12), and your chances of successfully piloting your ship through an asteroid field (3,720 to 1, per C-3PO).

And, if you know your throwback facts, and you're familiar with the locations that became "Star Wars" luminaries over the years, you likely know 6842.

For Industrial Light & Magic? The legendary outfit behind a host of incredible special effects, including those seen in 1977's "Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope," once made silver-screen magic at 6842 Valjean Avenue in Van Nuys.

Now My Valley Pass, the collective that loves San Fernando Valley history, the pop culture gems that were born in the Valley, and the modern-day community that gladly gathers to celebrate both, will call upon this fabled address for a special screening.

The film? It's "Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens." The date? May the Fourth Be With You: It's all happening on the fourth day of the fifth month, an occasion that's also widely known as Star Wars Day.

The location? You've surely got it deep in the part of your brain that catalogs "Star Wars" math: It's 6842 Valjean Avenue, starting at 6 o'clock.

The next number? It's the price of a ticket: Twenty dollars.

Securing your admission? You can do so at the My Valley Pass site.

The number of stars that will be overhead as you savor this screening in the parking lot at Neiman & Company, the tenant at 6842 Valjean Avenue? That's an amount that's unknown to us, though we feel certain that C-3PO could correctly tell us, or make a very educated guess.

But wait: While this will be an outdoor screening, ticket holders will be given the opportunity to tour the property, a real treat for those aficionados of Industrial Light & Magic lore.

"Neiman & Company, Inc. is proud to host the upcoming Star Wars screening in our parking lot," shared Michelle Bejarano, the company's accounting supervisor.

"It is exciting to work in such an iconic building! We have visitors come by from all over the world just to see where it all began and we have several employees who are huge Star Wars fans!"

As for the number of tickets available for this special screening?

We don't need C-3PO to compute this one: They'll be quite limited, so do secure yours as fast as the Millennium Falcon can clear a rogue asteroid, or even faster, if possible.

And do stay tuned: My Valley Pass plans to show more films at those local venues associated with the movies that are up on the screen, a rad prospect for a rad place, the galactically excellent San Fernando Valley.

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