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The Free Downtown Burbank Arts Festival Is Back

Jackalope Art Fair is hopping into the area with over 150+ vendors, and oodles of awesome handmade goods, in tow.


An item we see and instantly adore?

We might deem such a fabulous find as "hot," while other well-made goods? We often "warm" to interesting objects, the sort of handmade pieces we'd describe as "cool."

Hot, warm, cool: People who are out-and-about over the middle weekend of May 2022 may experience all of these sensations, in varying degrees, and sometimes? Actual degrees, as in the temperature, will be involved.

For it's going to be toasty on May 14, and while May 15 will chill out slightly, it, too, will don a summer-like sheen.

So we're warming to the idea of an outdoor festival full of cool objects, the sort of earrings, paintings, ceramics, purses, dog collars, greeting cards, macrame displays, and other artistic finds that are made with creativity, humor, and love.

The Downtown Burbank Arts Festival, which is presented by Jackalope Art Fair, is just that cool fest for a hot day.

It's free to enter, it will spotlight over 150 vendors, and the strolling-and-browsing opportunities will be plentiful and full of panache.

The fest unfurls, with wit and warmth, on May 14 and 15. And that warmth? It's literal warmth, from the sun, and heart-true warmth, shown by organizers, attendees, and all of those gifted artisans you'll meet and gab with, if you're inclined.

San Fernando Boulevard is the stretch you'll want to saunter along, between Magnolia and Olive, and the hours? The fest opens at 11 a.m. each day, and wraps at 7.

The soaps of Jimenez Sisters Ranch, sweets from Mama Sue's Kitchen & Table, and Erin Killian Pottery are some of the goods and vendors expected at the May-merry gathering.

You can peruse all of the artisans, what they make, and what to expect when you visit on the festival's site now.

Pictured: A Jackalope event in Pasadena

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