The Gamble House's Free Family Day Has Tours, Art, Outdoor Fun

The Craftsman landmark will offer architectural events created for kids as well as other lively happenings.


What to Know

  • Sunday, Oct. 23 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Pasadena
  • Half-hour tours created for families (reservations required), art activities, storytime

Some of our favorite fairy tales involve enchanted castles, the sorts of splendid structures that brim with magical stories, incredible characters, and hope-filled messages.

But finding those structures in the modern world? That's a little harder.

True, incredible real-world characters exist in contemporary times, and hope-laden resolutions, too, but the turreted castles of yore are a bit more sparse around Southern California.

The Gamble House isn't a castle, but the famous Pasadena home is a landmark, one of the most celebrated Craftsman buildings ever constructed. The eaves-laden icon is full of woodsy details, cozy corners, and straight-from-nature touches, and if it didn't spring from a children's book, the house certainly looks like it could have.

To honor its younger fans, and to treat families to a free day out, the prestigious place is hosting Family Day at The Gamble House on Sunday, Oct. 23.

Interior tours tailored to kids — the 30-minute rambles will be a bit shorter than the traditional peeks inside the home — are on the schedule, but you'll want to reserve your spots in advance through the site.

Storytime sweetness, cool peeks around the outside of the handsome home, and an art happening helmed by California Art Club are all on the delightful oh-so-Sunday-ish schedule.

A woodworking trailer will be there, too, giving kids the chance to fashion a nameplate with the help of an artist.

And snacks? Always so important, to keep that energy up: They'll be for sale on the grounds.

The Gamble House isn't just for grown-ups, of course, but a day created for the younger set, including those kids who love to read about enchanting homes, feels like the perfect event for an autumn Sunday.

That the day is also free, a gift to local families, only ups the air of enchantment.

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