The Giant Stuffed Cookie Is a Pasadena Company's New Star

Sweet Story is offering the luscious and sizable sweet in two flavors: strawberry jam and lemon curd.

Sweet Story

What to Know

  • Sweet Story
  • From $7.55 per cookie
  • The baking company delivers in the Pasadena area, but there are pick-up times, too, if you'd like to stop by; there's also a pop-up on Sept. 26 at Café de Leche in Altadena

If you've been around the cookie block once, twice, or a hundred times, you'll come to find that there aren't too many surprises out there, in terms of what a dough-yummy delight can deliver.

For sure, you're Team Cookie for life, but locating something on the new and nummy side is a bit of a challenge. And yet? It's a challenge cookie-ists are up for, especially when an avant garde goodie makes its debut.

Meet The Giant Stuffed Cookie, from Sweet Story, a baking company based in the cookie-loving Crown City.

Of course you've had filled desserts before, if you've indeed been around the aforementioned cookie block, but The Giant Stuffed Cookie pays tasty tribute to both the gooey-centered character of a breakfast tart while keeping to cookie-strong traditions (toothsome dough, chocolate chips, and excellent break-apart-ness).

In the middle of The Giant Stuffed Cookie?

Oh, choices, choices: There's a lemon curd and a strawberry jam at the moment, with "different fillings" planned for the future, as well as spins on dough, the part that gives the cookie its inherent cookie-ness.

The cookie-inventive partners behind The Sweet Story, which delivers around the Pasadena area not long after your cookies emerge from the oven? Eduardo Amaral, Maria Rosario, and Luiza Schuch (Mr. Amaral and Ms. Rosario are brother and sister and Ms. Schuch is a dear friend).

Mr. Amaral shared some background on the company, which also makes a whole grain banana bread, gluten-free vegan brownies, and other bespoke bites.

"Our production is artisanal and made in small batches from recipes that were created and developed by us after numerous tests and adjustments to achieve our main goal: baked goods that are full of flavor, made from fresh ingredients and, in our humble opinion, the best we’ve ever had."

The ingredients are primo for all of The Sweet Story's confections. "Everything is made from scratch," said Mr. Amaral.

If you're not located within the San Gabriel Valley delivery area, there are pick-up times listed each week, so you can swing by and procure your Giant Stuffed Cookies, your brownies, or your bread on your own schedule.

Just be sure to order ahead, before make your way to Allen Avenue.

There's also a pop-up for Sweet Story happening at Café de Leche in Altadena on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 9 a.m. to noon, so stop by and purchase your Giant Stuffed Cookie then (while supplies last).

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