The Golden Girls Kitchen to Bring Sassy Sizzle to SoCal

The beloved sitcom is the flavorful inspiration behind a limited-time pop-up.

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  • The Golden Girls Kitchen opens in July with a spotlight on desserts
  • The team behind the pop-up created Saved by the Max, the limited-time dining experience inspired by "Saved by the Bell"
  • A waitlist is open; info about tickets will soon be available

Hanging out in the plant-filled, comfy-couch'd Miami bungalow with Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy, all to have a cheery chinwag and share the local dish?

We can only dream of such a Golden opportunity, but alas: Those characters occupied a sunny sitcom world that came to a conclusion in 1992, when "The Golden Girls" wrapped its splendid, sassy, and wholly beloved seven-season run on NBC.

Still, we return to that lovely living room, and the colorful kitchen, quite often, thanks to repeats, books inspired by the hit series, tributes, merchandise (from mugs to socks), and screenings, too.

Now the friend-filled phenomenon is getting a foodie side, thanks to The Golden Girls Kitchen LA, a limited-time pop-up debuting in Southern California in July 2022.

At the helm? The same team behind "Saved by the Max," the dining experience that Day-Glo'd its way into our "Saved by the Bell"-obsessed hearts a few years back.

So you can count on the restaurant to sport plenty of fern-type action, floral wallpaper, mauve furnishings, and the details that added atmosphere to "The Golden Girls" set.

The fast-casual restaurant is putting a specific spotlight on sweets, which won't surprise fans of the show, seeing as how the ladies loved to gather for gossip and a goodie or two.

There's more: "There will be a full kitchen to order some of Sophia's Famous Lasagna (meat or vegan), plus other menu items like The Dorothy: A Miami Style Sandwich, Blanche's Georgia Style Cookies, Rose on Rose, and most importantly - CHEESECAKE - all served by one of our lovable Shady Pines waiters!"

There'll be a bar gracing the pop-up as well, if you and your besties want to raise a toast to your favorite character, or discuss which Girl you are (we'll take Rose, or, if we're feeling salty, perhaps Dorothy).

How to book your ticket?

There's a waitlist, so sign up and get the alert when spots open up. As for a specific location? That, too, will be revealed in the weeks ahead.

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