The Great American Takeout Bites Into National Burger Day

Going with a takeout burger on May 28? Snap a pic, post and tag it, and maybe-possibly win a year of free burgers.

Person holding a cheeseburger
Claudia Weinmann/EyeEm

What to Know

  • Thursday, May 28
  • A year's worth of burgers (in the form of a $2600 gift card) is the prize
  • Post a pic of your takeout burger and tag it on Twitter/Instagram

Photographing a hamburger?

Some would argue there's a certain art to the approach, and few others would present an opposite argument. For if you're taking a snap of your stuffed-high burger, you're going to want to capture its character from the side and not the top.

Because taking a picture of a hamburger straight down? It's going to be pure bun, pretty much, and your from-above photo will miss out on all of the melted cheese and caramelized onions and slices of tomato and the main star, the patty.

Keep that in mind when you're snapping your burger, all to possibly win a year's worth of burgers, on May 28.

For The Great American Takeout is back, all to support our local restaurants during the pandemic closure, and it wants to see the burger you're enjoying, takeout- or delivery-style, on the final Thursday in May.

How does it work? Order a burger from a restaurant, take a picture (yep, probably from the side, not the top), post it, tag it, and try for your chance to win a $2600 gift card.

That's standing in for the year's worth of burgers, yep.

The restaurant-spotlighting campaign has several partners on this giveaway go-around, including White Castle, Farmer Boys, The Habit Burger Grill, Mooyah, and Wayback Burgers.

Get the official tags you'll need, and where you'll need to post. And, for sure: You're encouraged to feature those fries and that milkshake, too, if you feel those classic accompaniments will only enhance your burger's beauty.

All the rules and information? Bun, don't walk, to The Great American Takeout site now.

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