The Great LA River Photo Contest

Snap a fab pic, tag it with #GreatLARiverCleanUp, and maybe win an adventure pack.

The final weekend of winter is on approach, but that fizzy feeling in the air couldn't be more springish (well, and the springlike reading on the thermometer, too, if "fizzy feeling" is a bit too subjective).

How to pass a glorious Saturday and a sunny Sunday? Outside, of course, enjoying the blooms and the buds and the birds and the other sights that are making Southern California look just like the cover of a greeting card these days.

If your version of outside-time involves a certain river wending through Los Angeles, best grab your camera, or make sure your favorite camera app is ready to roll, for there's a contest afoot, and it has an important endgame. It's The Great LA River Photo Contest, and it will wrap up on Monday, March 21 at 12:00 A.M. Eastern.

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Does it have to do with you posting your best snapshots of the waterway? It does. Is there a hashtag? There is, and it is #GreatLARiverCleanup. Is there a prize? Absolutely, and it involves the alfresco life: A trio of Adventure 16 Outfitters A16 Adventure Packs are on the victory dais, packs that can help anyone who likes rambling about under the sky out in several ways (there's a Keen flashlight, a Nalgene water bottle, and more goodies).

This is all to raise awareness, and to sound the trumpets, and to wave the banners that The Great LA River CleanUp is just ahead, in April. Again, as in past years, the spiffying of our urban waterway will happen over three Saturdays and multiple sites (15 locations in 2016, so, yep, it is a major undertaking with a lot of fabulous volunteers).

And a fabulous organization at the helm: Friends of the LA River.  

Contest rules for you posting your river photo? Find them here. Signing up to pick up trash (a buncha buncha trash, let it be known, which helps our river in numerous ways)? You can get the scoop on scooping up old bottles and castoff rubbish here.

Each and every year, the LA River's rep as a recreational destination, one to bike along or kayak upon, grows in stature. Cleaning it up is a fist bump to all your fellow SoCalers who enjoy its banks and beauty, and, of course, it's a fist bump to all of the ospreys and pelicans and salamanders and other beasties that call it home all year long.

Well, maybe we don't need to bump their fists, er, wings/claws. But we can take photos of them living along the river, and a beautiful photo that goes wide is sort of like a fist bump, in spirit.

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