The Great LA Walk to Pass Through Pasadena

The free, city-loving strut isn't going from downtown to the ocean this year, but rather from the San Gabriel Valley to City Hall.

Mike Schneider

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019
  • Arcadia to Pasadena to City Hall (by way of Figueroa)
  • Free to join

What are your just-before-Thanksgiving traditions?

You might pick up a couple of bags of miniature marshmallows ahead of the holiday, to ensure that your sweet potato casserole is extra gooey. You might ring your cousins to make sure they're joining your dinner, and ironing the fancy tablecloth after you call? Always a good idea.

And, if you're a fan of The Great Los Angeles Walk, the free, town-crossing saunter that always happens on the Saturday before the feastiest day of the year, you likely walk several miles, all while admiring the many hidden gifts of our city.

Writer Michael Schneider founded the come-one-come-all event 14 years ago, as a way to share his love of all that LA has to offer, from small businesses to funky parks to lesser-known landmarks.

Today, hundreds of people show up for the lengthy, civic-cool leg-about, as they will again on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019.

But unlike many of the Great Los Angeles Walks of past years, the 2019 outing will not head from downtown to the ocean along a (mostly) single thoroughfare; rather, this one will start in Arcadia, toodle through Pasadena, and then saunter down Figueroa, with a final destination of City Hall.

Vintage Route 66 sights, the iconic Colorado Bridge, the actual Eagle Rock, Highland Park's many charms, and Los Angeles State Historic Park will be some of the pass-throughs and pass-bys along the way.

What do you need to do to join? Showing up at the early start time, in walk-ready gear, is a fine start. Reading Mr. Schneider's tips for the day, including how to transport back to Arcadia, the walk's start point, is also a solid plan.

The only remaining question is this: Can you pre-walk-off a sweet potato casserole before you bake it?

Well... That's wishful thinking. But what's real? This real gem of a city we call home, and the chance to admire it on a nice November day, step by step, alongside a bunch of other enthusiastic urban adventurers.

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