The Great Labor Day Cruise: 1,200+ Cars

Watch over a thousand fab cars roll by at the OC Fair & Event Center.

OC Fair & Event Center

Let's get down to brass tacks on this topic, or, if you prefer, chrome fenders or rubber tires: Southern Californians know more than a little something about a proper, spectactor-pleasing, vroom-vroom summertime car cruise.

We are, after all, a celebrated center for classic car culture, and we do wear that particular chrome-shiny crown with pride.

And that little stretch known as Route 66? No mystery about it: The Mother Road runs through several regional cities, and classic car owners regularly roll along its storied lanes.

So when "(o)ne of the largest and longest running events in the nation" sounds the horn and revs the engine in Costa Mesa, car buffs know it'll be as out-sized an event as automobile lovers desire. 

And the 35th Annual The Great Labor Day Cruise at the OC Fair & Event Center is beyond out-sized, if you call over 1,200 cars in attendance out-sized, which you are more than welcome to do, because it is huge. Mega. So very big.

Those cars, including muscle cars, decades-old vintage dream machines, and street rods, will cruise around a 1.25-mile stretch at the fairgrounds on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Labor Day Weekend 2017.

That's Sept. 1 through 3, and hours vary each day, so check out the details before turning your own wheels in the direction of Costa Mesa.

A general admission ticket is $15, parking is $8, and vittles and beverages will be for sale, should you need sustenance after all of the auto-directed admiring you're happily doing.

Will you see the suh-weet Mustang you owned in high school there? A 1933 Studebaker? Some street rods that looked as they drove straight out of a 1960s film?

With over 1,200 cars, you're bound to enjoy plenty of makes and models and years, but there's a common theme: The cars' owners do truly dig their treasures so very much, and it shows.

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