The Great Los Angeles Walk Will Head to Venice Beach in 2022

The free-to-join event will also visit West Adams and Culver City. The date? It's always the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Alexander Spatari

What to Know

  • The popular event, which is all about getting to know the city outside of a vehicle, will visit West Adams, Culver City, and Venice Beach
  • Saturday, Nov. 19 at 9 a.m.
  • The free walk, which takes the better part of a day, will move by some well-known movie houses, interesting landmarks, and great restaurants

The universe may be infinite, but the world is not, nor are the places that call our planet home.

And yet? We have our own marvelous megalopolis, which, at times, can seem as fully unfurled as the universe itself.

Talk to any Southern Californian, even a local who has lived here for decades, and they'll likely be able to summon one, two, five, or thirty recent finds, discoveries, and "I-had-no-idea-that-was-even-heres" about Los Angeles.

Because Los Angeles, it can be said with total confidence, is a big place, and if you felt like throwing a few "verys" around, you could: It is very, very, very big, in fact, and fully knowing every shop, eatery, nook, cranny, oddity, attraction, and cool corner would take more than a few lifetimes.

There are, however, a number of explore-more experiences that give Angelenos the opportunity to get to know a few more storefronts, and parks, and interesting buildings from up close and, most importantly, outside of the confines of a vehicle.

At the front of this civically vivacious pack?

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It's The Great Los Angeles Walk, a just-before-Thanksgiving event that rambles through several towns, all to connect with the city and the other people joining the adventure.

Writer Mike Schneider, of the long-running and LA-championing Franklin Avenue blog, created the walk in 2006 as a way to celebrate his 10-years-of-living-in-Los-Angeles-versary.

The free event has grown, and grown some more, with around 300 people joining in recent years, and the places where they've roamed? Wilshire Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, and swaths of the splendid San Gabriel Valley have all starred on the stroll-far, soak-it-all-in itineraries.

Now the 2022 happening is in view, and Mr. Schneider made the location reveal on Oct. 10: The Great Los Angeles Walk is returning to West Adams, Culver City, and Venice after 13 years away.

"One of my favorite Great Los Angeles Walks of all time was our 2009 journey, where we toured the architectural treasures of the West Adams neighborhood, and hit other historical buildings (plus a few famous homes from TV and film!) via both Adams and Washington," he shared on the event's site.

The 2022 map will feature "a bit of a streamlined route," and Washington Boulevard will serve as one of the main thoroughfares.

Want to stay up on the Nov. 19 event, what you need to know, and important suggestions, such as lining up your trip home from Venice, or back to the start, before you go?

More information will be available soon on The Great Los Angeles Walk 2022.

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