Halloween Horror Nights

‘The Horrors of Blumhouse' to Haunt Universal This Fall

Turn on all the lights: Halloween Horror Nights just revealed its next haunted house, and it is a dastardly doozy.

Paul Taylor
  • Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Sept. 8 through Oct. 31, 2022 (select nights)
  • Tickets are on sale now


There is probably one near your right now, in the room you're occupying, and if you are outside, chances are solid that the next structure you enter will have a few right angles, the places where walls and floors traditionally meet.

They're common, is what we're saying, but there's an uncommonly creepy corner that can set any scary film fan on edge when it appears, like some sort of diabolical vapor from beyond: The Blumhouse Productions logo, which can be seen at the start of several modern horror classics, from "Paranormal Activity" to "Insidious."

Soon, you'll be able to enter a haunted house, one that takes its inspiration from the world of Blumhouse, and while there will surely be corners aplenty inside the spooky structure, you'll want to keep watch for far more monstrous elements lurking about.

For "The Horrors of Blumhouse" is the latest reveal from Halloween Horror Nights, the annual September-into-October eerie-tacular at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The theme park announced its newest haunted house on June 23, 2022, casting a fall-flavored shadow over summer's earliest and brightest days.

"The Black Phone," an upcoming feature from the company, and the humorous horror flick "Freaky' will star in the hold-your-sweetheart-close attraction.

Expect "ghostly whispers" to follow you once step a tremulous toe inside. Also? Terrifying bouts of "twisted magic," and the other sorts of scary sights, will fully fright-up the night.

Or make that nights: Halloween Horror Nights opens on Sept. 8, 2022, and will run on select evenings through Oct. 31.

Tickets for single nights, as well as the Frequent Fear Pass, are available for purchase now.

The team behind the jump-startle celebration announced a couple of other 2022 haunted houses earlier in the spring, with the original "Halloween" making a cameo and the classic Universal Monsters, too.

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