The Huntington Reopens to the Public

Members started visiting on June 17, while July 1 is the San Marino landmark's welcome-back date for nonmembers.

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

What to Know

  • Reopening to the general public July 1 (the member reopen date was June 17)
  • Reservations should be made online, in advance
  • New reservations for Wednesday-through-Tuesday open Tuesdays at noon

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is an oft-quoted line from Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet," but getting to that rose in the first place isn't always the easiest part.

For a number of rose-growing, flower-laden SoCal spots shuttered in response to the pandemic.

They've been reopening in recent weeks, with a focus on limited capacity, outdoor spaces, and new safety protocols, and one of the majors makes its official re-debut, to the general public, on July 1.

That would be The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, an august institution devoted to fine artworks, historic documents, and gardens of the world.

True, members have been calling upon the spacious and spectacular spread for a couple of weeks now, since June 17, but the general public had a different, though not far-off, welcome-back date: Wednesday, July 1.

That day has arrived, and, for sure, there are some new things to know before you go.

From "the first and foremost" files? You'll need to reserve your ticket ahead of your visit, online. Don't leave for San Marino without knowing you'll be entering the garden that day, with an already-secured admission, in short.

Reviewing this page of safety measures is also essential, too. Physical distancing and face coverings? You'll need to implement both while visiting.

And if you're looking for lunch, 1919 Café is open. There's outdoor seating, too.

But the indoor galleries are closed, so you'll need to wait to admire the conservation that was recently completed on "The Blue Boy."

How does one go about securing admission to the gardens?

"Tickets are made available each Tuesday at noon for the following week, Wed.–Tues. For example, tickets for events July 8–14 will be available July 7 at noon," says The Huntington.

You can find prices here. Keep in mind that the destination will close on July 4.

As for the aforementioned roses? You know you'll find an astounding array at The Huntington, at every point of the calendar. Right now, as July begins, the Sparkle & Shine roses, seen in the photo above, are said to be in full burst.

But the much-anticipated expansion to the Chinese Garden remains underway, and isn't open to the public quite yet. It will include several new acres and features in " of the largest Chinese-style gardens outside China."

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