The Huntington Reveals Its Reopening Plan

The flowery San Marino destination will welcome back members in mid-June, followed by all guests on July 1.

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What to Know

  • June 17 reopening for members
  • July 1 reopening for the general public
  • Advance tickets only; capacity will be limited, with face coverings and temperature checks

Perhaps you have a favorite jacaranda tree on your street, or a bird of paradise you especially admire, or a jasmine vine that seems to add ethereal fragrance to your entire block.

In short? You've stayed connected to nature, all throughout the spring, while staying close to home in response to the coronavirus closures.

But you've also longed to admire a sizable expanse of succulents, a pond lush with lilies, and dozens of blooming rose bushes, all in a row.

A joyful place to do just that is The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Garden in San Marino, a place that has become a peaceful retreat for so many Southern Californians over so many years.

The landmark has remained closed for just about three months now, but on June 10 The Huntington announced when it will reopen in the weeks ahead.

Or rather next week: Huntington members are welcome to return on June 17, followed by the general public on July 1.

If your initial hunch is that indoor spaces will remain shuttered, you're correct: "Most" will stay closed at this time, including The Huntington's world-famous repositories of historic documents and fine artworks.

And your hunch is also right on if you alighted on the idea that advance tickets will be necessary. So be sure to line up your visit well in advance of making for San Marino.

"To facilitate broader public access, an additional free day and special evening hours will be offered during the months of July and August," is another bright spot.

Also? The Huntington will remain open every Tuesday during both July and August. The second day of the week has long been a "closed" day for the destination, so this is a new if limited-time change.

Capacity will be limited each day, capping at " ...about a third of the average number visiting on a busy spring day." Temperature checks and face coverings for staff members and guests are also part of the new protocols.

“Getting to this moment where we can open our gardens to visitors again has been a remarkable journey and a very careful process,” said Huntington President Karen R. Lawrence.

“The Huntington is a resilient institution, staffed with energetic and extraordinarily dedicated people who have worked nonstop to stay in touch with our diverse audiences and get us to the point of reopening in a safe way."

"We have spent considerable time developing our safety protocols to protect our staff, our members, and the public. We know our visitors can’t wait to walk our paths again, and we can’t wait to welcome them back.”

Something lovely to anticipate, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of during your visit? The Chinese Garden expansion, on the north side of the lake, is slated to be completed in the fall of 2020.

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