San Marino

The Huntington's Cherry Blossoms Are Ethereally Abloom

The San Marino gardens are full of small and spectacular tree flowers as February comes to a colorful close.

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What to Know

  • San Marino
  • $29 weekends, $25 weekdays (adults); reservations required on weekends and holidays
  • Look for a bevy of flowering fruit trees in the landmark's Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden

Sunshine or no sunshine, breezes or still air, morning, noon, or near evening: A flowering cherry tree is a spectacular sight to behold, always and forever.

In short, this frilly favorite, a superstar that foretells spring's fast approach, needs nothing to help it stand out, in terms of light, situation, or nearby shrubbery. It's always an instant icon, and during its annual bloom run, it will easily draw those who seek a memorable moment of beauty, wherever it happens to grow.

But if a flowering cherry tree does stand in a perfectly picturesque place?

It's going to gloriously do so in a stunner of a setting like The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.

The San Marino destination, which is home to several distinctly themed areas, as well as a colorful caboodle of world-famous roses, boasts a number of cherry trees, trees that can be found in a few different areas of the multi-acre expanse.

Those airy and exquisite areas include the Japanse Garden, with its moon bridge and ceremonial teahouse, and Liu Fang Yuan, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, which includes the Pavilion of Three Friends and the lovely Lake of Reflected Fragrance.

And if you should venture to these beautiful places, as February 2022 comes to a close, you'll behold several cherry trees prettily peaking.

Important to know before you go: Reservations are a must at The Huntington on weekends and holidays, in addition to admission.

And if you happen to miss this bloom? Some bright spots: It will return next year, of course, a comforting and cheerful thought.

And there are several other spring-sweet sights to soon anticipate at The Huntington, with wisteria's purple-y charms just ahead in March.

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