San Marino

The Huntington's Mid-Autumn Moon Celebration to Soon Shimmer

Tickets are now on sale for the special evening event, which takes place in the landmark's Chinese Garden.

Martha Benedict

What to Know

  • The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino
  • Saturday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 28, 7 to 9:30 a.m.
  • $35; $30 members; $10 youth ages 4 to 11; free admittance for children under age 4

Connecting with community, the cosmos, and the timeless traditions of the autumn's most ethereal nighttime display?

It's a moving and meaningful occasion in China, and in Southern California and points around the planet, too, all locations where the lunar show above complements the musical interludes and dance performances below.

And, of course, sharing a host of delicious dishes and delicacies with family and friends, meals and treats that are appetizingly associated with the yearly happening.

That happening has become one of the centerpiece celebrations at The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, a wonderful way to find a peaceful and contemplative gathering as we leave summer behind, or start to, and move in the direction of fall.

The Mid-Autumn Moon Celebration, which takes place in and around The Huntington's Chinese Garden, will occur at different times, year to year. And in 2022, the nighttime event will rise on two August evenings, which will be separately ticketed.

Those evenings will glow over the final weekend of the month, on Saturday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 28, and tickets are available now.

A trio of performance areas dotting the picturesque Chinese Garden will feature "traditional music to Shanghai jazz," while both the Jade Court Cafe and the Terrace of Shared Delights will be open should you want to purchase dinner.

Liu Fang Yuan, or the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, is a magnificent 15-acre expanse filled with traditional pavilions and bridges, water features, spectacular stones, and trees that are frequently bedecked with flowers.

An expansion of the garden debuted fairly recently, in the fall of 2020, making the upcoming festival especially significant for both longtime fans and those newer visitors who'd love to explore more.

It's time to look to the mid-autumn moon and begin anticipating an evening spent savoring a fantastical festival in a beautifully imagined space, one that was "inspired by the gardens of Suzhou."

For more information on the celebration, or calling upon the Chinese Garden on any day that The Huntington is open, visit this site now.

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