The Kid-Cool ‘Cardboard Challenge' Goes Virtual

Create something wondrous from a box and play a part in this popular Two Bit Circus Foundation competition.

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What to Know

  • Thursday, May 7 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Guest builders will share ideas, tips, and suggestions
  • Families are invited to post pictures of their cardboard creations

A box, basic as it is, possesses such potential.

Give a sizable cube of sturdy cardboard to a child, and soon that box has become a castle, a secret lair, a spaceship, or some combination of the three.

Where, though, can your kid show off her awesome artwork? Especially to other cardboard-loving creatives, the enthusiasts that see a million possibilities in an empty container?

The Cardboard Challenge is a vibrant event created expressly for makers of all ages to display their magical castles and hideaways and spaceships, and to see what other big thinkers have done when presented with a potential-filled box.

And, for the first time ever, the challenge is going online, on May 7, giving families the chance to share their cardboard wonders, from home, virtually.

Two Bit Circus Foundation, the education-minded nonprofit organization, is helming the event, which was founded by

A number of "guest builders" will visit the STEAM-strong celebration on May 7, including Caine Monroy, who began the beloved Caine's Arcade.

If your youngster is looking to burnish her cardboard-assembling skills, or he is looking for fresh artistic inspiration, some of the best fast builders around will be talking all things cardboard throughout the day.

Eager to get folding, taping, and Sharpie-ing? Sign up here.

Want to follow along on May 7, to see Caine and other guest speakers discuss finding whimsy and joy by working with around-the-house materials, like cardboard? Tune into the Two Bit Circus Foundation Twitch channel.

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