The Little Pie, a New Cloud Bakery, Lusciously Launches

Love Holy Cow? The popular eatery's team created this new non-brick-and-mortar'd desserterie, which is all about individually-sized pies.

The Little Pie

What to Know

  • Opens March 14, 2021 (Pi Day)
  • Individual pies will be $3.14 on Pi Day (regularly $4)
  • Find The Little Pie's pies at Holy Cow (West LA, Culver City, and Santa Monica)

Describing a delectable dessert can prompt even the most non-poetic among us to employ a line-up of lovely words, from "creamy" to "rich" to "layered" to "intense."

But if you break out an extra-special word like "cloud," anyone within earshot knows that you're likely savoring a sweet that's pretty special.

Pies can often be cloud-like, in texture and form, but finding a pie that's been baked in a cloud kitchen is a rarer thing.

Though maybe not for much longer.

For cloud kitchens, those virtual food-making enterprises that skip the traditional brick-and-mortar presence of a sit-down venue, are on the up-and-up. You might even say their profile is rising as high as the clouds from which they take their nice nickname.

And the newest cloud concept on the block just might have the most cloud-like cuisine: It's The Little Pie, a cloud bakery that's specializing in individual pies.

Set to open on Sunday, March 14, which is, yes, Pi Day, the pie place will find a home at a trio of Holy Cow restaurants in Culver City, Santa Monica, and West LA. In fact, the founders of Holy Cow are the creators of this appetizing new adventure.

The debut pies include Lil Banana Cream, Lil Key Lime and Lil Peach Crumble, but more flavors will soon be on the way. They're all priced at $4 each, but you can get yours for $3.14 on 3/14, in honor of Pi Day.

So is a pie like a cloud? It can be, if its filling is airy-light and totally toothsome.

And can a pie shop flourish in the cloud concept format?

Keep your eyes on The Little Pie, and find yours through Holy Cow starting on, oh hooray, Pi Day.

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