The Lucas Museum's First Public Event, Visit, You Should

The Exposition Park building isn't yet completed, so staffers are going on the road for a family art day in Leimert Park.

What to Know

  • Saturday, July 13, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Free
  • Leimert Park Village Plaza

Is a cultural institution the building it occupies? Or is it really a larger idea, one that can flower beyond a particular place while keeping its spirit and vision intact?

Well, yes and yes.

We do associate iconic museums with their beautifully realized properties, and the particular feeling that a space conveys. But what the museum represents can reach far further than its walls, of course.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which will open in Exposition Park in the next couple of years, is going to have one eye-popper of a sinuously structured home, for sure.

But it will also go on the road, now and then, as it is doing, for the very first time, on Saturday, July 13.

That's right: It's not officially open yet, but the pop culture wonder of a destination is already hello-ing families around Los Angeles.

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As it wonderfully will on July 13, at Leimert Park Village Plaza. The four-hour event is billed as a "special family art-making day," one that will give kids the chance to create creature masks.


Also cool? It's free.

Also cool? Two talented creators — "Star Wars" concept artist Terryl Whitlatch and Manu Arenas, a Disney Animation Studio artist — will be "... presenting their work throughout the day."

Be at this terrific event, you should, as Yoda might advise.

That day will run from 10 a.m. to 2 o'clock, do note.

As for the overall theme of this cheerful, imagination-rich to-do? The Lucas Museum will draw inspiration from the creatures who call the institution's vast collection home.

Cool, cool, super cool.

It turns out that, much like the Millennium Falcon, a Tauntaun, or curious droid, a museum doesn't need to stay rooted in one spot.

Soon, the Lucas Museum of Creative Arts will have a main base, for sure, but count on this creative spot to travel to places around Southern California in the way that a starship easily roams the galaxy.

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