The Melt's Pride-Perfect Grilled Cheese

Hello, rainbow beauty: One dollar from every Magic Melt sold will support Equality California.

What to Know

  • Magic Melt
  • One dollar from every Magic Melt sold will support Equality California.
  • Find The Melt locally at 7th & Figueroa and Irvine Spectrum

There are as many ways to make a grilled cheese as there are grilled cheese eaters, and even grilled cheese eaters may mix it up, now and then, by changing their typical approach to the classic sandwich.

But probably very, very few of us ever take the time to create a veritable chromatic line-up of lively and colorful cheese shreds, all to make sure that our final foodstuff will seem like a stretchy rainbow when the two sides of the sandwich are pulled apart.

The Melt, however, is taking that precious time to create this kapow-cool sandwich, a vittle that's so vivacious it almost demands to be 'grammed, 'booked, and celebrated in all the social ways.

And so you should, if you buy it, for it comes with a most important mission: To put a focus on LGBTQ rights, and Equality California, and Pride Month, too.

And for the remainder of June, The Melt, which found its start in San Francisco but now has a couple of Southern California restaurants, will donate a dollar to Equality California for every Magic Melt sold.

Yes, that is for sure its memorable moniker, as it would be anything else.

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In addition to the rainbow that "oozes" out of the bread, there is edible glitter, too, which hasn't yet been a hot trend in the world of grilled cheese-making but perhaps will be, one day.

But, then again, edible glitter should probably add oomph to more eating experiences.

For more on this astounding sandwich, which is actually not made with a rainbow but does contain cheddar, muenster, and fontina cheeses, slide down your own personal rainbow to this happy post now.

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