The Music Center's ‘Spotlight' Finale Leaps Online

And twirls and sashays and sings, too. Celebrate some of the most talented teen performers around via a virtual presentation.

The Music Center

What to Know

  • Saturday, May 30 at 7 p.m. PDT
  • Free on Youtube (The Music Center) or The Music Center's site
  • Fourteen finalists will perform

Putting the spotlight on something special?

That's why spotlights were invented, really. To call out something grand, to shine a light upon something amazing, and to illuminate something spectacular, and worth knowing more about.

That's just what The Music Center does each spring. It places the spotlight upon a host of talented teenage performers who have displayed a dazzling affinity for "... acting, ballet, classical instrumental, classical voice,  jazz instrumental, non-classical dance, non-classical voice."

While past spring celebrations have found the "Spotlight" Grand Finale participants performing at venerable venues like the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the 2020 event is going virtual on Saturday evening, May 30 at 7 o'clock.

If you tune in, you'll get a chance to see each of the finalists, sing, dance, and go the delightful distance in their chosen craft.

But what is at the heart of this art-focused festivity?

"Much more than a competition, Spotlight is a scholarship and arts training program, which empowers students by emphasizing preparation, courage, critical thinking and perseverance while providing an invaluable opportunity for students to hone their skills!," says The Music Center.


"$100,000 in cash scholarships are awarded each year to students. Personalized feedback, master classes with world renowned artists, performing arts workshops and more are included in the process, culminating in this, our Grand Finale!"

To add a bit of starry cool to the affair, there shall be celebrity cameos. Josh Groban and Misty Copeland are both slated to appear, and the happening will be hosted by Lindsay Mendez, a Tony winner (and, indeed, a Spotlight alum, too).

There are 14 finalists in all, which will give at-home viewers a vast range of the performing arts.

And these artists will go on to join a larger legacy, one that includes over three decades of spotlighting superb showmanship in the performing arts.

Are these the actors and singers and musicians you'll be enjoying for decades to come on stages around Los Angeles, the United States, and the world? Count on it.

Enjoy an early look now, so you can say you saw these talented performers way back when.

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