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The New ‘LA Bodega on Wheels' Gets Rolling

A mini store, full of good eats, pulling up to your address? That's happening, over a few April days, thanks to a new SoCal-strong collaboration.


What to Know

  • April 7-11, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Several local eateries are collaborating on the truck, which has food, beverages, and pantry staples (including toilet paper)
  • Several neighborhoods are on the delivery map, including Los Feliz and Koreatown

Summon to your mind's eye, if you will, a favorite bodega, the kind of shop that is stocked with the sorts of items you need in a fast minute.

You may have pictured the bodega on a corner, for that's where many of the smaller, necessity-packed locations sit. You could have pictured a main street, too, for several bodegas line our busier thoroughfares.

You likely didn't imagine a bodega arriving by truck, a Coolhaus truck, the sort of vehicle that was stocked with artisanal ice creams just a few weeks ago.

But that may be the next bodega you see, for the brand-new LA Bodega on Wheels will make house calls from April 7 through 11, 2020.

A collaboration between Coolhaus, VERVET, MiniBar Hollywood, 101 Coffee Shop, and Future Gin, the LA Bodega on Wheels "... will bring resources including prepared food, beverages, booze, sweets, produce and pantry staples directly to homebound residents across LA."

Is toilet paper on the "pantry staples" list? You bet. Of course, this could be "while supplies last," so keep that in mind.

The neighborhoods that the LA Bodega on Wheels will visit? There are several central locations on the list, including Los Feliz, Larchmont, and Koreatown, but best check if you're place is on the map.

And where to check? At the HQ for LA Bodega on Wheels, which is also where you'll place your order.

And your order? There's a minimum requirement, of $50, while delivery is free.

No worries, either, if you want to go no-contact, with your delivery: You'll just need to request that when you wrap up your order at check-out.

Orders are open now, as of April 3.

The sweetest spot? Check it out: "10% of proceeds from all sales will be evenly divided and donated to Another Round Another RallyOpportunity Fund's Small Business Relief FundLA Regional Food Bank, and No Us Without You."

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