The Noble Bird Pays It Forward After a Surprise Donation

A family that hadn't even visited the Long Beach restaurant donated $2,500. Soon after, the eatery presented local ER staffers with gift cards.

Noble Bird Rotisserie

What to Know

  • 6460 E. Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach
  • A Florida family donated $2,500 to the eatery earlier in January
  • The restaurant, in turn, gifted local hospital staffers and families in the NICU and PICU gift cards

Paying it forward has existed, as a caring concept, way of living, and community bonding experience, since there have been both givers and grateful receivers.

So, basically? Always, is what we're saying here. Such a happy thought.

But the notion of paying it forward has taken on some urgency, and meaning, since the start of the pandemic.

Neighbors are treating neighbors to free backyard fruit, tasty casseroles, and other shareable goodies, while other locals are reaching out further, to see what people across the city, or even the world, might need.

This exact, miles-spanning goodness happened in early January 2021, when the Murphys, a family from Florida, donated $2,500 to Noble Bird Rotisserie in Long Beach.

The twist? The Murphys had never "set foot inside" the eatery, which features a line-up of tangy chicken dishes and sides.

But the family does visit the SoCal Food Allergy Clinic in Long Beach, and, during those appointments, had heard clinic staffers rave about the restaurant.

Sidney Price, the "Mama Bird" of Noble Bird, was so touched by the surprise gift that she decided to immediately pay it forward.

Her plan? Send gift cards to ER workers at the local VA hospital, as well as families with members staying in nearby newborn intensive care units and pediatric intensive care units.

The Noble Bird had wanted to cook meals for hospital employees, but as food was no longer being accepted, gift cards seemed like the next best choice.

This isn't the first time, during the pandemic, that the restaurant has reached out to help the community: The Noble Bird launched a GoFundMe for "frontline heroes" in April 2020.

Takeout and delivery are both available, if you're craving chicken and hearty extras, and outdoor dining?

That, too, has returned following the conclusion of the California stay-at-home order on Jan. 25.

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