The OC Fair Opens in a New Location: Our Homes

You won't need to scrunch a Ferris wheel inside the foyer, but there will be lively, casa-close to-dos over a few festive weeks.

OC Fair

What to Know

  • Begins July 17
  • A virtual fun run, contests, Pig Cam, activities, videos, and shows
  • Free

If you're a longtime fair fan, chances are as good as lemonade is tart that you've got a souvenir or two displayed around your place.

It might be the cup your favorite fair lemonade came in, or a t-shirt with a cow on it, or a stuffed panda, the one you won at the ring toss.

But there it is, your favorite fair memento, cheering you all year long, and reminding you that an event you adore, and clear your calendar for, is going to return along with the summer sunshine.

We've got plenty of summer sunshine, but most events, both large and small, are canceled this summer, in response to the coronavirus.

On the larger end of the scale? It's the OC Fair, of Costa Mesa, a sizable spectacular that draws thousands of Southern Californians looking to enjoy the pursuits they loved as kids, and to introduce their kids to those pursuits now.

It's a ride-filled, concert-packed, animal-cute party, one that runs for four busy weeks.

But while the midway's bright lights are staying in the "off" position in 2020, and we can't visit with the animals (though, yes, we can still admire the adorable oinkers of Pig Cam), we can enjoy a few fair-style delights at home, thanks to the Virtual OC Fair.

What's a "virtual" county fair?

It's a celebration that brings the smiles to your abode, through special videos, contests, and ways to connect with a beloved event through photos (including your own snaps, if you'd like to share).

The fair launched its virtual version on Friday, July 17, and the line-up of things to come possess that Friday-fun spirit.

Look for "exclusive footage," "fun demonstrations," and ways to take an interesting look at what happens off the midway, and behind-the-scenes, at the popular July-into-August happening.

And, you bet: July 17 is also the start date of the Virtual OC Fun Run 5K.

You don't need to start hoofing it on that date, to join, but you will want to sign up soon if you'd like the nifty medal (which features barnyard animals in face coverings) and a face covering that features a design that speaks to your fair pride.

Again, you don't need to install a ring toss in your den or fry up batches of Oreos on your stove. But you can find your way to that fair-style joie de vivre that the OC Fair does so well, all by logging on and keeping track of what virtual to-dos are coming up.

We miss you, OC Fair, and can't wait to be there again, in person, in 2021. But for now, we'll keep an eye on the new piglets on the Pig Cam, all of the at-home contest action, and this page for more fair-bulous fun.

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