The Original Farmers Market Is Spotlighting Delicious Deals

Savings and recipes are the theme as the landmark public market celebrates its plate-perfect tenants this November.

Original Farmers Market

What to Know

  • Third & Fairfax; the outdoor market is open for take-out, shopping, and alfresco dining
  • Find specials and recipes on the Original Farmers Market site
  • The current special: Du-par's Restaurant's own Four Cheese Macaroni, priced at $13.25 through Nov. 17

There's always a touch of Thanksgiving to be found at the Original Farmers Market, even if it isn't officially November.

Call it the air of gratitude that permeates the awning-lined, stall-sweet public market, a story-filled place that has been a must-visit for LA families for over 85 years.

Call it a true foodie wonderland thanks to the flavorful fact that cuisines from around the planet are made and served daily.

And call it a locally loved hub for connection, history, and community spirit.

So how does such a treasured landmark actually greet the Thanksgiving season when it really arrives? By offering a few tempting specials and generously sharing some recipes.

That's happening now, as part of the Fall Market Favorites series.

What is this spicy, sweet, and oh-so-treatful series about? Spotlighting a dish a week, one that can be found at a restaurant that calls the Original Farmers Market home.

There's a special tied to each week's spotlight dish, and a recipe, too. And, of course, the eatery that makes the cheesy, BBQ-saucy, bacon-tastic bite gets the love as well, a heartwarming bonus.

Du-par's Restaurant, one of the market's best-known and forever-est tenants (or so it can happily feel like) is basking in the adoration as the middle of November nears.

The star dish?

It's the Four Cheese Macaroni, and once you spy its rich character, dairy-deep texture, and the accompanying bacon slices and season crostini, you'll understand why we easily went with "basking in adoration."

It's hard to be too hyperbolic when discussing cheese-based macaroni, bacon, crostini, and delightful Du-par's, a diner that is beloved for its famous hotcakes but also its many comfort-foodie offerings.

Oh yes, and if you choose to purchase the Four Cheese Macaroni at Du-par's, rather than making it at home with the provided recipe, it is discounted through Nov. 17.

The pop-up price? It's $13.25.

To check out the recipes that have already rolled out in November, and to keep an eye on the dishes you'll be craving next, visit the Original Farmers Market's online HQ now.

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