The Petersen's ‘Car Week' to Vroom Online

Craving car info, razzmatazz, snapshots, and more? The Miracle Mile repository of automotive amazingness has plenty to offer in August.

Emanuel M Schwermer

What to Know

  • "The world's largest online car gathering"
  • Aug. 1-10, 12, 13-16
  • Behind-the-scenes videos, auctions, unveilings, Concours

Cars and computers are a powerhouse duo, with new technological gizmos providing our vehicles more get-up-and-go each and every year.

But cars can vroom through our computers, too, by enticing us with dashcam videos, racetrack games, and a host of other ways to connect with our love of the roll.

The Petersen Automotive Museum is going to help fans connect to cool cars via their computers this August, when Petersen Car Week goes fully virtual.

If you know your August schedule, when it comes to big vehicle happenings, you know that the sleekest of machines make for the Central Coast, for Monterey Car Week, and a host of nearby events.

The Miracle Mile museum wants to keep the vroom vibe high, for both local fans in Los Angeles and anyone who wants to tune in over several event-packed days, beginning on Aug. 1, 2020.

"Founded by a commitment to our global community of automotive enthusiasts and a determination to continue to celebrate our shared passion during social distancing, the Petersen Automotive Museum is taking the world’s largest car event and making it digital!," is the word from the museum, which reopened to the public on June 19.

From Aug. 1-10? You're journeying on "The Road to Car Week" with the Petersen, with in-depth looks at "what it takes to get a car Concours ready."

On Aug. 12? There are a few different happenings on the itinerary, including an unveiling, an auction, and more.

The Future Collector Car Show, more auctions, and the Sonoma Festival of Speed Racing are highlights on the busy Aug. 13-15 schedule, while the Petersen Concours is crowns the multi-day run on Aug. 16.

The museum is billing Petersen Car Week as "the world's largest online car gathering." Ready to check out some of the choicest autos around, learn more about their care, about competitions, and the world of world-class concours conventions?

Keep the first half of August 2020 in mind, and the Petersen Automotive Museum's fully virtual Car Week.

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