The Pie Hole Has Thanksgiving in Pot Pie Form

The holiday-hearty tribute is now available at the local pie-making shops.

The pot pie, that self-contained, crust-laden, all-in-one meal typically includes what the main ingredient might be in its name.

If chicken is the central feature, it's a chicken pot pie. If carrots and peas are the thing, call it a vegetable pot pie. Beef and Guinness are in the mix? You got it: You're looking at a beef and Guinness pot pie.

But what do you call a crust-round goodie that has several of the flavors found on the table come the fourth Thursday in November?

There's one word for that: Thanksgiving. So it makes delicious and savory sense that the newest pot pie at The Pie Hole is, yes, called the Thanksgiving Pot Pie.

The filling, oh-so-delectable offering made its seasonal debut on Nov. 4.

So what's in it? Think "(r)oasted turkey, gravy, and a family stuffing recipe" in the middle, with a cranberry sauce nearby, for any dunking/pouring you wish to do.

The flaky envelope holding it all together? It's a butter crust, which are two of the finest words to ever share a space together.

The price is $8.25.

And, yes, as mentioned, you can have this well in advance of Nov. 28, which is Thanksgiving Day in 2019. 

It just goes to show that thematic pot pies work well, too, especially when they gather a number of iconic tastes together, all to ensure that they're present in every flaky forkful.

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