The Pie Hole Has the Recipe for a Tasty National Pie Day

Buy your DIY Pie Kits at your local shop, just in time for the Jan. 23 holiday.

The Pie Hole

What to Know

  • Jan. 23 is National Pie Day
  • The Pie Hole has take-home, make-at-home DIY Kits in a few tempting flavors, including Earl Grey and Mexican Chocolate
  • $25 each

Hearing the letters D, I, and Y can prompt a person to start imagining all sorts of super-involved projects, the sort of hands-on, dig-in pursuits that may take some time, a lot of energy, and a whole lot of effort.

Which is amazing, and rewarding, and ultimately gratifying. But sometimes, going the DIY route can take a tastier turn, and you can see the result of your work in a couple of hours.

See, and, more importantly, eat your creation.

If you're the sort of DIYer that likes your undertakings to be appetizing, be cheered: The Pie Hole has a great way to celebrate National Pie Day.

Which you surely know is Jan. 23, without even consulting the nearest cuisine-themed calendar.

True, there are plenty of toothsome occasions inspired by the often gooey goodie, throughout the year, but those tend to be themed to specific flavors.

But the hallowed holiday that's been designated for all pie? It arrives in January, oh joy.

As for the DIY part? The Pie Hole has a few take-it-home, make-at-home kits, featuring some of the company's best-known flavors.

For the tea-ists, there is the Earl Grey Pie Kit, for those who like a bit of coffee kick, there is the Mexican Chocolate Pie Kit, and the Alone Together?

Yes, there is Oreo, for sure, and peanut butter is a central player, but wait: Potato chips are most definitely involved in this quirky confection, too.

Each kit is $25, and you can purchase yours at your local Pie Hole.

However you choose to pie-up your Jan. 23, we're wishing you a crust-tastic, whipped-creamy, have-a-second-slice kind of celebration.

But don't be too blue if the 23rd day of January is pie-free in your corner: More pie deals and delights are right around the calendar corner, for Pi Day is up on March 14.

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