The Pie Hole's New Pie Kit Is Helping At-Home Bakers

You can create your own Mexican Chocolate Pie at home. Yum.

The Pie Hole

What to Know

  • Mexican Chocolate Pie
  • $33
  • Ingredients included, but some kitchen tools will be required, like a mixer and thermometer; read all before purchase

Feeling daunted by words like "filling" and "shell" and "dough" and the other necessities needed to make a really marvelous pie?

Of course you aren't. No baker would be, for such basic requirements are fairly easy to obtain, if you don't already have the making for a pie shell or topping on hand.

But sometimes getting most everything you need to create a pie, in one fell and flavorful swoop, makes the whole process that much easier.

And if you've been pondering making the timeless dessert, as June Gloom returns to much of Southern California, you're likely not alone. (Nor are you alone if you think that June Gloom, with its gray ways, is perfectly suited to having something sweet and comforting in the oven.)

The Pie Hole hears you, and all at-home bakers, and to make the process between "no pie" and "warm pie cooling on the counter" a lot simpler, they're getting into the kit-making swing of things.

What does "getting into the swing" mean? You can now purchase (almost) everything you need to create your own Mexican Chocolate Pie, in your own oven, from the founded-in-SoCal pie-making powerhouse.

There's some spicy kick to this particular confection, and The Pie Hole's "signature espresso cream" for the top, and a whole lot of rich chocolate to add depth.

And, yep: They'll ship the kit to you. And, yep again: You can view everything you'll get inside the box on this page, from ingredients to instructions.

What you'll need on your end? A few basic kitchen tools, including a mixer and a spatula. But do read all, just to make sure you're prepared on your end once the kit arrives.

No one needs to be bummed that an essential kitchen tool isn't at the ready when the kit arrives. Honestly. No one wants that, now or ever.

Once your pie is cooked and cooled? You'll have eight slices to enjoy, or four if you're sharing your space with a pie-loving housemate.

More details on this pie-in-a-box, you-make-it deal? Set your excitement to "high," pie people, and click.

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