The Pie’s the Limit at an ‘Everything Pizza’ Party

... A Tutta Pizza! spins the crusts at an all-out, demo-packed celebration.


What to Know

  • Sunday, May 13
  • Hollywood Palladium
  • $40 general admission

The main thing about pizza, and don't quibble with us quite yet, because there are probably 38 other contenders for pizza's "main thing," is this: If you don't love the pie your friend just had delivered, but you want a slice, you can probably futz with the toppings and create a slice you'd like to eat.

This might mean "borrowing" (hi, taking) olives or onions from other slices, but that's one of pizza's magical qualities: It can be transformed by the ol' topping switcheroo.

There are, of course, so many more positive parts to a pizza, one of the planet's best foods, and they'll be explored, in so many ways, at ...A Tutta Pizza!, an afternoon-long "Everything Pizza" celebration at the Hollywood Palladium.

And lookie here: It's on Sunday, May 13, which is, as you know, Mother's Day, meaning it might be a tasty outing for you and your mommy, if your mommy is a devoted pizza chef and/or enthusiast.

Presented by the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl and Di Stefano Cheese, ...A Tutta Pizza! will include "over 20 food vendors (ciao, "pizzerias, restaurants, and food trucks") and a whole host of cooking demonstrations, info-packed panels, and places to learn about the all-important creation of dough, sauce, toppings, and the entire pizza-enjoying experience.

So many big-name pizza-ists'll be in the house, like Enzo Coccio and Nancy Silverton, that you may not know where to turn your pies, we mean eyes, first. 

And several organizations and outfits, like LA, Grow! and the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, will be there, adding to the education and joy behind the delicious day. 

It's an all-ages event, meaning that if the whole fam is into fontina, marinara, and chopped garlic, which is probably the best trio for a doughy canvas, then you can all attend. (We know, saying what "the best" is for any pizza is bound to raise a sauce-splattered storm.)

Tickets begin at $40, but there's a VIP admission, and even a VIP + workshop admission, so explore prices, times, and what's involved in the ticket you're thinking about purchasing. 

All of the num-num-a-tude begins at noon.

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