The Ray Bradbury Windows Are Free to See in South Pas

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Judson Studios
The Ray Bradbury stained glass windows can be seen on the west side of the South Pasadena Public Library, near the institution's stately Moreton Bay Fig Tree.
Judson Studios
Judson Studios created the windows, which are called "Live Forever," a reference to what a magician once told the author when he was a young boy.
Judson Studios
"The Halloween Tree" is seen in one of the windows, as are references to "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Illustrated Man."
Judson Studios
Mr. Bradbury is seen depicted in the center window, alongside a child representing the author in his youth. The stained glass in this piece? It's a reference to the nearby Fremont Centre Theatre, which has staged the author's works.
Judson Studios
"Dandelion Wine" and Mr. Electrico, the magician who commanded the young writer to "Live Forever," fill this window with rich hues and mysterious beauty.
Judson Studios
The windows are pictured here at Judson Studios. You can now find them at 1100 Oxley Street in South Pasadena, on the west side of the building.
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