The Record-Breaking ‘Wonder Woman' Coaster Has an Opening Date

"WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage" will debut at Six Flags Magic Mountain in mid-July.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

What to Know

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • The new coaster opens on July 16, 2022; an official kick-off will take place on July 14
  • "WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage" is billed as "the tallest and longest single-rail coaster in the world"

Constructing a thrilling experience that's set to break records, even before it officially opens?

That's going to take oodles of effort, outsized creativity, and plenty of planning, too.

Wonder Woman, as any fan knows, possesses such extraordinary skills, and then some.

The superhero displays ingenuity, can-do, and dedication in every fresh challenge she confronts, so you can bet that any attraction inspired by the DC comics icon will take time, flair, and innovation to come together.

Especially when the ride will be "the tallest and longest single-rail coaster in the world" at the time of its much-anticipated debut.

That ride? It's "WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage," and the astounding, loop-lined roller coaster finally has its opening date: Saturday, July 16 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Adding to the record-breaking headlines for this dazzler of a debut? It's the 20th coaster for the Valencia theme park, meaning the destination boasts more coasters than any other theme park on the planet.

As for some other impressive numbers sure to make an adventure-seeking coaster buff's imagination take flight?

The lift hill stands at a towering 131 feet, the coaster will hit 58 miles per hour, and there's a zero-gravity roll, and a raven's dive, too.

Look for Themyscira-inspired details to fiercely festoon the ride's entrance, a leafy design that pays homage to the island home of the brave warrior.

"This is a historic milestone for our park as we introduce the latest addition to our unrivaled coaster dynasty, 'WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage,'" said Park President Don McCoy.

"Our partnership with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment makes this accomplishment even more exciting, as we integrate the legacy of an iconic DC Super Hero into the theming of the ride.

"Additionally, we are creating a more innovative guest experience by redesigning one of our most popular areas, DC UNIVERSE, which will become the home of WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage."

For details on the coaster's opening, and how to secure your advance ticket to Six Flags Magic Mountain, "fly with courage" by the theme park's site now.

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